Please contact us for shipping quotes on orders outside of the the US!

Shipping & Policies


We strive to provide the most affordable shipping possible while also making sure your product gets to you safely. We ship ALL items USPS and insure EVERYTHING! We either ship first class or priority depending on the weight of the item(s). 
All in stock items ship within 1-2 business days.
We can ship to you if you are outside of the US, Just contact us to get a quote!
If something happened to your order during transit, please let us know so we can handle the situation appropriately. 

Refunds & Returns

All custom orders are handcrafted and made unique to each and every person. Because of this, all custom or personalized items are not able to be returned or refunded.  
In stock non custom items are able to be returned in their original state (items cannot be worn, missing tags, or missing any pieces). Items must returned within 3 business days of receiving product or return policy is void. Items are subject to a 10% restock fee. Tips & original shipping cost are not refundable. Buyer is responsible for return shipping, provide a tracking number, and will be refunded upon arrival of the returned item. 
If you are not satisfied with the quality of your item, please let us know.

Waiting List

Our customs list opens and closes based on availability.

We work really hard at creating your unique pieces and want to pay attention to every detail and this takes time. Please note that when we place you on the waiting list, you do not have to put down a deposit to hold your spot, but we ask that if you need to cancel for any reason to please let us know as this effects everyone's timeline on the list.

Items may not be added to your spot on the list, If you need to add an item, it must be put back down on the bottom of the list so we aren't pushing everyone else back.

The timeframe given is an estimate and is not exact. Please remember this is a small business and we are trying to get to everyone as soon as possible. 

We do not offer rush services, we work down the list in order. If we get to you on our list and you are not quite ready, you can request to be bumped down. 


We offer a lifetime warranty on our Conchos if there is anything wrong with how it was made we will fix it or replace it if needed. We do not cover lost Conchos. Please check your Conchos before every ride to make sure they are tight. 
If you find an item is defective or has an issue, please contact us so we can best assist you with getting it fixed. We will do our best to ensure all parties are satisfied.
Best way to contact us is generally Facebook but you may also email us at